Why Choose Me?

An artist for over thirty years, my work is collected internationally and has been exhibted in a number of one-man shows. My book illustrations have been published in America, Columbia, United Kingdom and Germany and I have created posters and promotional designs for authors, musicians and conferences including the Microsoft DotNetNuke forum.

I work with professional products including those from Winsor & Newton, Senelier, Liquitex and Reeves. I use a range of media including graphite, pen and ink, watercolour, acrylic, oil pastel, mixed media and digital on different supports as can be seen by theoptions available in the PORTRAITS4U range.

I create portraits that  give their owners lasting pleasure and that they proudly display in their homes. All works are original and created in conjunction with YOU. My range of PORTRAITS4U are based on working with YOU to ensure that the PORTRAIT is something you will LOVE and TREASURE, be it of yourself, family, friends or pets. 

An artist through and through - PC Format magazine

A New-Renaissance Man - BRML News

​Sean's art is remarkable. Old gods, ancient mysteries, new media. His images are initiations by themselves. He brings a forgotten past to our modern consciousness - Visions & Dreams

​(In your art) are gorgeous dreamlike expressions, weavings of light and shadow that seem to traverse space and time. A true adept at the weavings of maya! - Gregory Peters

“Sean’s work is brilliantly creative and thought provoking, and will have you captivated from the moment you set eyes on it”
Paul Howes


Sean Woodward


Art is a personal passion, from portraits to print-making, from the fine line of the draughtsman to the digital brush. Like many artists, I began by painting self-portraits, those of friends and family and then commissions. These have included pets and people's favourite animals and birds. Paintings capture something a photograph never can, the colours and style allowing the artist to interact with the soul of the subject. PORTRAITS4U is a series that creates PORTRAITS that YOU willl LOVE and TREASURE.